Timber Industry

Wednesday November 17, 2021

Mr BELL (Mount Gambier) (14:54): Can the minister confirm that the $500,000 investment in the Bordertown intermodal actually diverts raw log product from local processors directly to Chinese exports?


The Hon. D.K.B. BASHAM (Finniss—Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development) (14:54): I thank the member for Mount Gambier for his question. It is important that we improve the mobility of the timber so it's able to reach the markets. My understanding is there are many movements across the country at the moment in relation to timber. The demand for timber in Australia is enormously strong. We no longer have control of those forests in the South-East: they were sold by the previous government to the private sector. We can't dictate where that timber goes, so we now can't have that control. We are working with the industry where we can—

Ms Luethen: Shame!

The SPEAKER: Order, member for King!

The Hon. D.K.B. BASHAM: —to bring new timber to the market to make sure that the houses that we require are built, to make sure there is the opportunity for builders in South Australia to source timber.