Timber Industry

Wednesday November 17, 2021

Mr BELL (Mount Gambier) (14:55): A further supplementary: can the minister confirm, then, why the current government spent $500,000 investing in an intermodal that diverts timber from local processors to Chinese markets when there is such a need?


The Hon. D.K.B. BASHAM (Finniss—Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development) (14:55): As I stated, it's important to have these intermodals to allow the ability for transport movements. It's important that we allow jobs to be created here in South Australia, making sure that we are able to make that timber get to market. Within Australia, there are many demands for timber at the moment. The sawmill industry within Victoria is screaming for timber—very little support in that area—

Members interjecting:

The SPEAKER: Order!

The Hon. D.K.B. BASHAM: —for timber for the market. South Australia has a net export of timber from South Australia. We produce a lot more timber than our natural requirements are. We are helping Australia meet its needs.