Port MacDonnell Harbour

Thursday October 28, 2021

Mr BELL (Mount Gambier) (15:24): My question is to the Minister for Transport and Infrastructure. Can the minister give an update in relation to the dredging of the Port MacDonnell Harbour, given I have spoken on this five times and given assurances to the rock lobster fleet that are currently anchored there that remedial action will be taken soon?


The Hon. C.L. WINGARD (Gibson—Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, Minister for Recreation, Sport and Racing) (15:25): I thank the member for his question and note that we have been going back and forward on this trying to get a solution. I do acknowledge that it is an issue at the minute between council and the EPA. The latest update I have is that the council want the dredged material disposed at sea, and the EPA want it dumped on land. We have escalated that to the CE of the EPA. Again, I understand the member's interest in this and we do want to get to a solution so it has been escalated to the CE of the EPA, and we hope to have sign-off on where the material will be disposed of very soon, and I will keep you abreast of that as we know.