Glenelg River Shack Leases

Wednesday March 17, 2021

Mr BELL (Mount Gambier) (15:10): My question is to the Minister for Environment. Can the minister inform Kim Cawthorne from my electorate when her family and others will obtain a renewal of lease for their shacks on the Glenelg River?

The Hon. D.J. SPEIRS (Black—Minister for Environment and Water) (15:10): I thank the member for Mount Gambier for his question. The shack lease project is a complicated one, as shacks throughout the state are undergoing these tenure changes to give people certainty in relation to either long tenure or freehold, depending on the area—long tenure for areas on Crown land in the protected estates, such as national parks and on the Glenelg River, and then freehold in some of the easier sites, such as the Smoky Bay shacks over on the West Coast.

In relation to the Glenelg River shacks, these are particularly complicated, given that they sit out over a river and have required quite a bit of infrastructure works, kindly supported by not only the Department for Environment and Water but also shack owners and the local council, the District Council of Grant. In relation to each of those individual leases for the Glenelg River, it is complicated to issue those. I will endeavour to get those to each of the current leaseholders for the Glenelg River shacks by the end of 2021.