Bell chimes in on TAFE SA structure reforms

Friday February 15, 2019

Published by The Border Watch 


MOUNT Gambier MP Troy Bell has called for clarity around determining WorkCover applications for injuries sustained while travelling to vocational training. 

In supporting a motion of TAFE SA reforms, which included flagging a move to regional boards of management, Mr Bell drew attention to distances required to undertake training and accompanying risks. 

He referred to a student involved in an car accident while travelling to vocational training, saying it was currently unclear whether the student was eligible for WorkCover. 

Mr Bell urged for a clearer account of the intersection between work injury insurance and travelling to job training. 

“When we are saying they’re going to training, people have a metropolitan headset as if we’re just heading down the road,” he said. 

“It could be the young person is travelling from Mount Gambier to Adelaide, which is a four and a half to five hour journey to go to training and returning.” 

Mr Bell again flagged his preferred model of TAFE SA management, saying locallycontrolled boards would be best placed to determine needs and priorities of students, business and the wider community. 

The MP said decentralising the education provider would eliminate the duplication of services, adding courses considered important to local industries would continue and expand. 

“Decisions which impact local people should be made at the local level,” Mr Bell said. 

“If they are not, it leads to a disconnect with regional communities and results in poor outcomes and the delivery of training which is simply not relevant to the community.”