Speed Limits

The reinstatement of the speed limits on the Bay and Carpenter Rocks Roads was an election promise of Troy's at the 2018 State Election.

In late 2017, speed limits on both these roads were reduced from 110km/hr to 100km/hr, without consulting local residents.

Seven times, Troy has requested an update on the reversal of the speed limits from Minister for Transport and Infrastructure, Stephan Knoll during Question Time and also requested the Minister visit the electorate to see for himself the impact on affected constituents.

In 2019, the Marshall Liberal Government committed to completing the works on both roads in mid-2020, however have not given a timeframe as to when the speed limits will be reinstated.

Troy will continue to press this issue on behalf of the community.

As your voice in State Parliament, Troy values your thoughts and opinions. Contact him at mtgambier@parliament.sa.gov.au to share your views.

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