Port MacDonnell Harbour Dredging

Years of build-up of sand and seaweed is causing major problems for Port MacDonnell's rock lobster fishing fleet - one of the state's most valuable industries.

Levels are so high, professional and recreational fishermen are having trouble refuelling, mooring and moving in and out of the harbour and reporting engine damage due to weed ingestion.

This is becoming a safety issue - locals need to be able to use the harbour safely. 

In 2019, Troy highlighted this issue in State Parliament - read the speech here.

In metropolitan Adelaide, millions of dollars are spent maintaining what is considered to be ‘vital’ infrastructure.

As announced in this year’s State Budget, $48million in funds raised by a hike in the Solid Waste Levy has been allocated towards metropolitan coastlines, while merely $4million will be directed towards regional coastline projects.

This is vital infrastructure for our region. On behalf of the Port MacDonnell community, Troy will continue to draw attention to this important issue.

As your voice in State Parliament, Troy values your thoughts and opinions. Contact him at mtgambier@parliament.sa.gov.au to share your views or share this campaign via the links below.

Photo courtesy of Kai Levins