Future Mount Gambier

Click here to download the Future Mount Gambier plan.

In August 2021, Troy launched the Future Mount Gambier plan, a set of 17 initiatives to guide the State Government as to our region's most immediate needs. As the second largest city in South Australia and the centre of the Limestone Coast region, Mount Gambier is strongly deserving of its own State Government focus and direction. 

Before the 2022 State Election, the Labor Malinauskas Government committed more than $100million towards initiatives outlined in the plan, including drug and alcohol detox beds, additional mental health beds, forestry initiatives and also, the appointment of a Cross Border Commissioner for South Australia.

As the state advocate for Mount Gambier and its residents, Troy's role is to work with the State Government to ensure these commitments are upheld and delivered, in consultation with local experts.

Fast forward to 2023 and the following commitments have been realised, or have begun planning:

  • Public housing maintenance blitz and 10 new public houses for Mount Gambier;
  • Commencement of a South Australian Cross Border Commissioner;
  • Two Drug and Alcohol Drug Detoxification Beds;
  • Forestry Centre for Excellence plans;
  • Establishment of a Technical College for Mount Gambier; and
  • Rock Lobster Fee Relief