Region's forestry future under scrutiny

Fact: Limestone Coast timber processors are missing out, when it comes to competing for log supply with the export market.

Fact: large volumes of our wood fibre are going offshore, when it is in high demand in our own region.

Since being elected in 2014, Troy has requested an extensive inquiry into the regions forestry sector, taking into account the past, the present and the future. 

Currently, large exports of wood fibre through Victoria's Port of Portland are having a major impact on Limestone Coast processors, who are unable to access locally grown product.  Hundreds of jobs could be created in our region if that wood fibre was processed locally.

Since the forests were sold off to the State Government in 2012, there have been many questions raised by the Limestone Coast community over the terms of the sale and and whether the conditions have been complied with.

As the Member for Mount Gambier, Troy wants to ensure the region's forestry industry thrives into the future, providing a boost to the local economy and ensuring the future of local jobs.

This inquiry is due to commence in late 2019 and the Select Committee have called for submissions from interested parties.

As your voice in State Parliament, Troy values your thoughts and opinions. Contact him at to share your views.

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