UPDATE: In July 2020, SA Health established a Lymphoedema Compression Garment Subsidy Scheme (the Scheme) for eligible South Australians to be provided with up to two garments for each affected body part, free of charge.  This is a tremendous win for all those affected by this condition.

Troy's office first became involved in this issue in 2018, through passionate local women like Pam Moulden and Dulcie Hoggan, who have struggled with the effects of lymphoedema for years.

Read Troy's original 2018 motion to State Parliament here.

Lymphoedema is a chronic lifelong condition, which can develop after various types of cancer, that requires the use of bulky compression garments to make daily life more comfortable.

The cost of these garments can range from $200-$3,500 a year - a significant cost burden upon people recovering from cancer.  South Australia was the only state not to have a garment subsidy scheme in place.

Mount Gambier breast cancer survivor Dulcie Hoggan kindly allowed Troy to share her personal story in State Parliament.

In 2018, Troy called on the State Government to introduce a subsidy scheme for these garments, to ensure the thousands of South Australians that live with this condition are not financially impacted.

Over the last two years, Troy been in close contact with the Lymphoedema Support Group of South Australia, the Mount Gambier Breast Cancer Awareness Group (pictured below) and Minister Wade’s office to advocate for a scheme for South Australia.

In 2019, an advisory group was established to help develop a subsidy model for South Australia and in mid-2020, the scheme was finally announced by Minister for Health Stephen Wade.

The State Government will commit $2.5 million from 2020-2022 to the scheme, which will allow individuals to receive up to two sets of ready-to-wear or custom made garments, every six months.

Sadly, Pam passed away in 2020, however her advocacy is now reflected in the thousands of South Australians able to access the scheme and live a better life with this condition.