Grants & Awards


  • Arts Independent Makers and Presenters - Various closing dates

    The Department of the Premier and Cabinet is responsible for the administration of arts and culture grant programs.

    Funding programs span art forms and sectors, including public art and design, independent makers and presenters, artists and organisations for the deaf, people with disability and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts.

    For more information and to apply, visit the Department of the Premier and Cabinet website.

  • IGA Community Chest - No Closing Date

    The IGA Community Chest is designed to raise funds to support local communities, charities and other worthwhile causes.

    The money is raised in a variety of ways, but predominately through the purchase of products with an IGA Community Chest logo.

    For more information, visit the IGA website.

  • Strengthening Rural Communities - Closing 25th August 2020

    The Strengthening Rural Communities program aims to give the thousands of small rural, regional and remote communities an opportunity to apply for funding that can support broad community needs.

    The Strengthening Rural Communities program has two funding tiers:

    1. Small & Vital grants

    Small & Vital grants are all about meeting an immediate small scale need within a community, or for giving a boost to a larger initiative.

    • The Small & Vital grants provide funds of up to $10,000.
    • Applications are accepted year round via our online application system and awarded quarterly.
    2. Larger Leverage grants

    Through the Larger Leverage grants, small rural, regional and remote communities have an opportunity to access funding to support more aspirational objectives, think bigger and leverage the ideas, creativity and resources of communities for bigger impacts and stronger, more connected communities.

    For more information and to apply, visit the Funding for Rural & Regional Renewal website.

  • Clubs SA / IGC Sponsorship Assistance Program - Postponed

    Clubs SA invites non gaming Clubs and Community Organisations to apply for Project Grants via its Sponsorship Assistance.

    The program supports programs such as resurfacing sports grounds, lighting, charity projects, community awareness campaigns and many more.

    For more information and do download the application form, visit the Clubs SA website.

  • Regional Growth Fund - Various Closing dates

    This year $15 million has been allocated for the Regional Growth Fund.

    The 2020-21 Fund will support:

    1. Up to $5 million for the Regional Growth Fund Competitive Grants – applications are now open and will close at 12 noon on Monday 11 May.
    2. $10 million for the Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development to commit to strategic regional growth projects – open year-round for applications.

    Applicants can seek grants from $50,000 up to $2 million.

    For more information and to download the application form, Visit the PIRSA website.

  • COVID-19 Support Grant - Closing 20th October 2020

    The ‘COVID-19 Support Grant’ is a modified Grants SA initiative that has been released to support not-for-profit organisations continue to provide services to vulnerable and disadvantaged people in South Australia in the current circumstances of the COVID-19 public health emergency.

    Grants of up to $10,000 are available to eligible not-for-profit community organisations so they can continue to deliver programs during the COVID-19 public health emergency.

    Find the guidelines and application process here.

  • FRRR ABC Heywire Youth Innovation Grants - Closing September 2020

    In 2020, FRRR and our donor partners are again offering over $100,000 in funding to assist not-for-profit community-based organisations in rural, regional and remote Australia adopt and act on one of the six innovative Heywire project ideas.

    For more information and to enter, visit the FRRR Website.

  • Governor’s Civics Awards for Schools- Closing 18th September 2020

    The Governor’s Civics Awards for Schools is a cross-sector initiative open to all South Australian schools, including government, Catholic and independent. The awards aim to develop student awareness and skills as active and informed citizens in a multicultural and democratic society.

    They have been designed to align to the Australian Curriculum: History and Civics and Citizenship.

    In 2020 the awards are available for years 5 to 12 and include individual, group and school categories.

    For More information and to enter, visit the SA education Website.

  • $5 million Nature-Based Tourism Co-Investment Fund - Closing 2025

    The Nature-based Tourism Co-investment Fund is a pilot grant program designed to assist eligible businesses and organisations to partner with the South Australian Government to deliver sustainable, quality tourism experiences in South Australia.

    The $5 million Nature-Based Tourism Co-investment Fund is part of the $22 million Parks 2025 strategy and will provide the stimulus and support which businesses need to activate or build on existing ecologically sensitive tourism offerings in the state’s national parks, reserves, botanic gardens, and Crown Land.

    For more information and how to apply, visit the SA National Parks and Wildlife Service Website.

  • South Australian Community Achievement Awards - Closing 11th August 2020

    The South Australian Community Achievement Awards are designed to encourage, acknowledge and reward the valuable contributions individuals, communities and businesses are making throughout South Australia.

    Below is a list of categories that are now open:

    Breakthrough Mental Health Research Foundation - Innovation in Mental Health, Social and Emotional Wellbeing Award

    Carers SA - Carer Achievement Award

    Community Centres SA - The Loneliness Cure Award

    Jones Harley Toole - Community Road Safety Award

    Minister for Innovation and Skills - Small Business Award

    Office for Ageing Well - tackling Ageism Award

    Prime Super - Agricultural Innovation Award

    Prime Super - Employer Excellence in Aged Care Award

    Ricoh Australia - Customer Service Award

    Rural Doctors Workforce Agency - Rural Community Health and Wellbeing Award

    Woolworths - Sports in the Community Award

    Australian Dental Foundation - Community Welfare Innovation Award

    To enter, visit the Australia Awards website.

  • Strengthening mental health in rural communities - Closing 11th August 2020

    In a Good Place supports rural, regional and remote communities in their efforts to strengthen the mental health of at-risk and vulnerable members of their communities via projects, services or activities that are preventative or responsive in nature and which are designed to engage those less likely, unable due to distance and isolation, or ineligible to participate in mainstream mental health services.

    There are three objectives for this program:

    • Reduce social isolation;
    • Increase social participation and connectedness;
    • Increase help-seeking.

    The 2020 In a Good Place program opens 7 July.

    For more information visit FRRR

  • ANZ seeds of Renewal Program - Closing 19th August 2020

    The ANZ Seeds of Renewal Program, focuses on helping build vibrant and sustainable rural communities, to ensure the ongoing prosperity of regional Australia. It is built on two key tenets:

    • Vibrant communities are diverse and inclusive with strong social capital, where everyone can participate and build a better life.
    • Sustainable communities innovate, expand and create opportunities that will deliver demonstrable medium-to-long-term economic benefit to the community, contributing to economic sustainability.

    The ANZ Seeds of Renewal program is focused upon supporting projects that align to one of ANZ’s three focus areas.

    1. Improving environmental sustainability

    2. Improving financial wellbeing within the community

    3. Improving access to housing

    For more information visit FRRR

  • Excellence in Agriculture Awards - Closing 30th September 2020

    The Agricultural Bureau of South Australia has opened its 2020 Spirit of Excellence in Agriculture Awards, which offer young farmers and rural youth the opportunity to pursue personal and professional development to ultimately benefit their local communities.

    Applications are now being accepted for the following awards:

    • The Sustainable Agriculture Scholarship sponsored by the Department for Environment and Water (DEW) is an $8000 grant to provide farmers the opportunity to improve personal and professional skills that will benefit; the rural industry, the individual in their own business or employment, and the sustainability of natural resources.
    • The Rural Youth Bursary sponsored by Primary Industries and Regions SA (PIRSA) is a $5000 grant for rural young people (aged 18-30) working in a rural community in South Australia, to undertake further study or develop a special project, which will ultimately benefit the rural community.
    • The Services to Primary Production Award is awarded to an Agricultural Bureau of SA member; involved in primary production in South Australia, and nominated by their Bureau Branch - president, secretary or treasurer.
    Application forms can be downloaded from the Agricultural Bureau of SA website at
  • South Australian Premier’s Food & Beverage Industry Awards - Closing 17th August 2020

    The theme this year is Sharing our Stories.

    Entries will be received online and two winners for the 2020 Consumer Award will be granted – one for businesses with up to 15 FTEs and one for those with more than 15 FTEs. You can also now nominate yourself or an industry professional you admire for the Leader and Next Generation Awards.

    Award categories:

    Open Business Awards

    • Business Excellence Award, sponsored by Visy
    • Emerging Business Award, sponsored by Department for Trade and Investment
    • Export Award, sponsored by Department for Trade and Investment
    • Innovation in Business Award, sponsored by Department for Trade and Investment
    • Innovation in Food or Beverage Award, sponsored by Food Processing Equipment
    • New Product Award, sponsored by Foodland Supermarkets
    • Primary Producer Award, sponsored by Thomas Foods International
    • Sustainability Award, sponsored by Peats Soil & Garden Supplies

    Open Individual Awards

    • Leader Award, sponsored by Bickford’s Group
    • Next Generation Award, sponsored by Macro Group Australia

    Industry Nominated Award

    • Hall of Fame Award, sponsored by San Remo

    Consumer Award, sponsored by Statewide Super

    Entries are now open and will close 17 August.

    To find out more, register for the Entrant Information Webinar or nominate, visit the website here.

  • Mental Health Coalition Rural Grants - Closing 17th August 2020

    The Mental Health Coalition of South Australia has been funded by Barossa Hills Fleurieu Local Health Network to allocate small grants of up to $1,000 to support creative promotional activities throughout rural and regional SA for Mental Health Week (October 10 – 17).

    Applicants are encouraged to develop activities that communicate with the general public.

    For more information and to download an application sheet, visit the MHCSA website.

  • Quick Response Grant : Regional Arts Fund - Closing 14th December 2020

    $2000 individuals < $4000 organisations

    • Opens July 1 - until funds expended (closes 14 Dec-11 Jan for Christmas)

    Quick Response grants are to assist applicants who are unable to apply for support from other funding sources because the opportunity occurs outside of a normal grant round. Please discuss with your regional Arts and Cultural Facilitator.

    For more details and to apply online, visit the Country Arts SA Website.

  • Step Out Grant : Regional Arts Fund - Closing 17th August 2020

    < $30,000 for organisations

    This category is available to support regional. remote and very remote communities to partner with professional artists and arts organisations to create high quality arts projects, create activities that develop cultural networks, build capacity for long term benefits and increase professional development.

    For more information and to apply online, visit the Country Arts SA RAF page.

  • Step Up Grant : Regional Arts fund - Closing 17th August 2020

    < $15,000

    This category is available to applicants who have not previously applied to or have been unsuccessful with the Regional Arts Fund, it's for unique personal development opportunities including mentorships, residencies and artist-led initiatives in communities.

    For more information and to apply online visit the Country Arts SA RAF page.

  • Skills Development Grant - Closing 17th August 2020

    < $3,000

    Grants are available to assist groups and individuals to develop art form or cultural development skills through workshops or undertake projects in any art form which will enhance and develop arts practice and culture within communities.

    For more information and to apply online visit the Country Arts SA Website.

  • RAF Boost Program : RAF Relief Grant - Closing 31st May 2021

    >up to $5000

    This new grant is part of the Regional Arts Fund Boost Program and is for immediate needs such as assets, support for arts practices, small projects and PD opportunities.

    For more information and to apply online visit the RAF Country Arts SA Website.

  • RAF Boost Program : RAF Recovery - Closing 12th October 2020

    up to $40,000 over 2 years

    • Open July 1 - Closes 12 October 2020

    This new grant is part of the Regional Arts Fund Boost Program and is for projects that focus on activities that assist in recovery from the impacts of COVID-19.

    For more information and to apply online visit the RAF Country Arts SA Website.

  • Limestone Coast Grassroots Grant - Closing 30th June 2021

    The Grassroots Grants program supports individuals, volunteers, community groups and other organisations working on a not-for-profit basis, with local landscape management projects.

    There is a funding pool of $250,000, with minimum grants of $1,000

    Projects must be aligned to one or more of the Limestone Coast Landscape Board’s four investment priorities:

    • Soil and land - Maintaining the health of soils and land
    • Water - Maintaining water quality and availability
    • Pest plants and animals - Minimising impacts of pest plants and animals
    • Biodiversity - Conserving native vegetation, wetlands and coastal habitats

    For further details, download the Guidelines for Applicants.

    For more information on Grassroots Grants, and how to apply, contact Alison Boomsma on 87351177 or email

  • Adaptive Agriculture Grants - Closing 24th August 2020

    The Adaptive Ag grants program will support agricultural industries to respond to the threats and market opportunities created by future climate projections for the Limestone Coast.

    The total funding pool available is $30,000. Grants are typically awarded between $2,500 and $7,000, however applications of up to $30,000 will be considered.

    Projects may include but are not limited to;

    • Hosting an engagement event, including but not limited to webinar series, field days or information sessions;
    • Conducting field trials or demonstrations of new and innovative technologies;
    • Publishing literature relevant to best practice agriculture;
    • Producing communication tools such as videos, websites etc.

    Adaptive Ag grants are supported by the Limestone Coast Landscape Board, through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program.

    For further details and information on how to apply, download the application pack.
    For more information on Adaptive Agriculture grants, contact Amanda Giles on 0438 726 315 or email

  • Fred Hollows Community Award - Closing 5th September 2020

    The Fred Hollows Foundation is calling for nominations for the annual Fred Hollows Humanity Award, which recognises Year 6 students who demonstrate compassion, integrity and kindness towards others.

    All nominees will receive a certificate and be recognised at a presentation ceremony later in the year.

    Each state and territory will also recognise a Junior Ambassador who will be able to extend their humanity by allocating $5,000, donated by the award’s charity partner Specsavers, to one of The Foundation’s programs to end avoidable blindness.

    Parents, teachers, principals and members of communities around the country can nominate a child who is making a difference at

  • Canberra Leadership Competition - Closing 4th September 2020
    LIFTING US UP – How can women and girls empower each other and their communities in times of uncertainty and change?

    Enter to win a five day, all expenses paid "Power trip" to Canberra

    WRITTEN ENTRIES: Your answer should address the following question: “LIFTING US UP – How can women and girls empower each other and their communities in times of uncertainty and change?”
    (Note, there is a 400-600 word limit, excluding any references).

    VIDEO ENTRIES: Paste a YouTube link to your video in your application Your video should address the following question: “LIFTING US UP – How can women and girls empower each other and their communities in times of uncertainty and change?”
    (Note, videos must be kept between 3-4 minutes in length. If you wish to keep your video private, you can make it ‘unlisted’ so it can only be viewed by those with the link.)

    Visit the Country to Canberra Website to enter.

  • Sustainable Agriculture Scholarship for young farmers - Ongoing

    The Sustainable Agriculture Scholarship for Farmers (The Scholarship) may be used for study tours, courses or further study or assist to directly fund their commencement of a specific project.

    It provides farmers (aged 18-40) in South Australia with the opportunity to improve personal and professional skills that will benefit the industry, the individual in their own business or employment and the sustainability of natural resources that underpin primary production.

    For more information and to apply online visit the AG Bureau Website.

  • Variety Heart Scholarships - Closing 30th November 2020

    The Variety Heart Scholarships Program supports children with an existing talent, who are disadvantaged or living with a disability, to achieve their full potential and to follow their dreams.

    Applications can only be accepted for children between the ages of 8 and 17 years of age who are SA residents. Scholarships are awarded to support children in the areas of the arts and sport.

    Scholarships will be limited to $3,000 per year, per application.

    For more information and to apply online, visit the Variety Website.

  • Growing Good Gardens Grant - Closing 28th August 2020

    Yates Gardening and Life Education Australia are encouraging young people to get out into the garden to grow and learn healthy habits.

    Grants of up to $1000 will be given out to young people who show an interest in growing and gardening.

    For more information and to apply online, visit the Life education website.

  • South Australian History Fund - Closing 17th August 2020

    The SAHF is available to a wide variety of community organisations for small history projects and to individuals for publication and research projects. Please take a look at the grant fund guidelines and get in touch with the History Trust if you have any questions about eligibility or the project you wish to apply for.

    For more information and to apply online, visit the History SA Website.

  • LGBTQIA+ Small Grants Program - Closing 6th December 2020

    The Small Grants program supports projects proposed by individuals and or organisations and or communities who would otherwise be limited by the constraints of other funding programs. Grants are up to $500, and the project needs to directly or indirectly assist, involve and benefit LGBTQIA+ people and promote positive social outcomes and mental health in the community.

    For more information and to apply online, visit the Pride Foundation Website.

  • Future Leaders Scholarship - Closing 4th September 2020

    The Westpac Future Leaders Scholarship supports Australia's future leaders by providing an enriching postgraduate experience for talented individuals to study at one of Australia's leading universities and participate in a besoke, nine-month, Leadership Development Program. Scholars will also have the chance to add a global context to their education, with tailored international experiences of up to six months.

    For more information and to apply online visit the Westpac Website.

  • Australian Women in Wine Awards - Closing 29th September 2020

    There are 7 categories that you can apply for and include:-

    Cellar Door Person of the Year

    Owner / Operator of the Year

    Champion of Diversity & Equality

    Winemaker of the Year

    Viticulturist of the Year

    Marketer of the Year

    Woman of Inspiration

    For more information and to apply online, visit the AWIWA Website.

  • JamFactory 2021 Associate Program - Closing 31st August 2020

    The program is designed to accelerate development of the professional and entrepreneurial skills required to establish and maintain a successful and sustainable creative career.

    The program provides a platform for network building and peer to peer learning within a dynamic creative hub that attracts leading art, craft and design industry figures from across Australia and around the world.

    What to expect:

    • Studio space and access to specialist facilities to develop your own work
    • Seminars and workshops tailored to building a viable creative business
    • Professional mentoring and access to visiting artists and designers
    • Exposure to significant career development opportunities

    For more information and to apply online, visit the JamFactory Website.

  • Active Club Program: Club Reboot Round - Closing 23rd September 2020

    Eligible sporting clubs and organisations can now apply for up to $3,000 for funding of programs and equipment through Round 49 of the Active Club Program (ACP): the 'Club Reboot Round'.

    $2,495,000 is available in the 2020-21 ACP to help the sport sector rebuild following the COVID-19 pandemic. As organisations adapt to the 'new normal', funds may be used to purchase digital equipment to enable holding meetings remotely, hand sanitiser, cleaning products etc. Equipment, uniforms and training aids can also be purchased with the funding.

    For more information and to apply online, visit the ORSR Website.